Two of our Wedding Dance students were featured on Rock My Wedding! Check our their amazing wedding description and dance photos here...

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Our Beginner classes will teach you the basics. See What is Swing for more demos.
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Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown - It doesn't get much better than this!!
first wedding dance edinburgh

We'll teach you to dance in just one lesson! That's our wedding dance speciality. So if you've got a swing, blues or rock n roll track that you want to share for your special day, bring it this way and we'll show you how to move together gracefully.

In one hour we'll show you how to move in partnership on the floor with the basic rhythm of the song you've chosen, a few variations to keep you moving and then some flash to impress your guests to finish.

You're welcome to have more than one lesson, or a whole choreography if you like, but if your pushed for time, we're here to help you.

1 hour lesson 60

Contact us to discuss your first dance.

Impromptu Blues Demo, 2010

Helen giving a demo of Blues for Capital Swing

vintage swing party class We want you to dance your socks off and love doing it.  What better time to get on the dance floor than at a party or festival.  Birthdays, vintage-themed events, festivals, you name it, we've danced it and taught the lovely guests how to dance it too.

We've danced up storms at corporate, charity and private events throughout Scotland and we can do the same for you.  So if you've got a load of friends and you want the perfect ice-breaker or talking point for your party, then learn to dance vintage style.  We can even supply some great 1920s to 1940s swing or blues music afterwards to keep you dancing into the night.

Every party class is easy and accessible, for young, old or those with 3 left feet.  The focus is on fun, meeting people and listening to some great music.

Contact us to discuss how we can make your event the hot topic of discussion for weeks to come.
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